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Advent 2023!

As the beginning the Church’s new liturgical year, Advent is the season encompassing the four Sundays (and weekdays) leading up to the celebration of the Christmas season. The Advent season is a time of preparation that directs our hearts and minds to Christ’s second coming at the end of time and to the renewal of the grace of Jesus’ birth within us through the grace of the Christmas season. 

Live Advent actively by dedicating time each day to prayer and reflection! This year, you are invited to take advantage of new Advent resources that are available to our parishioners through FORMED. As a member of Saint Patrick Parish, you are able to register as a member of FORMED for free. To register for FORMED, click here and follow the easy instructions.

Adults!  Sign up on FORMED to receive in your email box a daily installment of the new Advent series, Rooted. This 22-episode series guides Catholics through a daily Advent reflection using the traditional Jesse Tree model. Each seven-minute episode introduces the ancestors of Jesus, shares a Scripture passage, and offers an engaging, practical reflection. Hosted by Dr. Scott Hefelfinger, Rooted helps viewers apply the passage and related teachings to each day of Advent, guided by the Church’s teaching. Episodes begin on December 3, the First Sunday of Advent, and end on December 24, the Fourth Sunday of Advent. Register for Rooted by clicking here.

Spanish-Speaking Adults!  Este Tiempo de Adviento, enriquece tu oración diaria caminando con el P. Luis Granados en un viaje de renovación, para preparar tu corazón a la venida de Cristo. Cada día de Adviento, el P. Luis Granados te ayudará a encontrar el verdadero significado de esta temporada y sus ricas tradiciones, así como también ofrecerá consejos prácticos y valiosas lecciones para que este Adviento lo vivas de manera especial. Encotrará s esta serie aqui.

Children!  FORMED is offering a new Advent series, Drawing Closer to God, to help prepare children for Jesus’ coming. Join art teacher Ms. Kim as she teaches children to draw different scenes from the Christmas story, including the Annunciation, the Nativity scene, the shepherds’ visit, and more.  With compelling storytelling, Ms. Kim points out key details from Scripture and Catholic tradition. As children follow along and learn new art skills, they also learn to see the connections between the big picture of God’s story and their place within it. Families can sign up to receive in their email boxes a weekly installment of Drawing Closer to God by clicking here.

Daily for Children!  Each day during Advent, children and families are invited to follow the very popular Brother Francis series, leading us on a journey in our Advent preparation for the coming of the Lord! Daily Brother Francis videos are available to you in English by clicking here and in Spanish by clicking here.

For Everyone!  FORMED offers an Advent calendar with the above programs and additional resources for each day of Advent. You can find the calendar by clicking here.

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